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The past 18 months have been a season of change. Mostly through grief. There's been a lot of loss in my life but also a lot of growth. Where there have been endings, there have been new beginnings. Where there's been death - new life is coming forth.

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My creativity and passion to create has also been stifled. For over a year, a found myself struggling to come up with new and fresh ideas. And when I did have an idea, the energy to follow through was usually lacking. I realized that i needed to give myself permission to just be. To take care of myself however that may look, and feel okay about not creating. To be honest, that made me anxious. I kept seeing all these influencers and creators putting out new content almost everyday! And of course I thought, "my customers are going to forget about me, if I don't keep producing!" And yet, I just couldn't do it. So I didn't. Instead, I let myself watch all the other creators out there who did have it in them to put forth their creativity into the world and I praised them. I found so many amazing artists out there and their passion kept me hopeful, that one day the flame of creativity inside me would be fanned into flame again.

Sometimes letting go and just being, resting, is just the thing one needs to make room for

the new. But to do so, you have to mourn the ending of the old. And so I did. And I still am. But now there's room for dreaming! And I've been dreaming up so many new things that I CANNOT wait to share! It's not ready - but it's coming. And where I will be taking Prés Creative Jewelry will be the culmination of everything that I've been learning about myself and my craft over the last year or so. So I hope you'll stay tuned, and continue this journey with me!

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