Reflection and Reset

I haven’t written here in a while – but there’s something I thought I’d share:

I’VE NEEDED A REBOOT - a reset if you will.

2020 was definitely an opportunity to do just that. Wow. Huh. And it has been something.

I certainly don’t need to recap for anyone what this past year has been like from a global and national level. We see and hear enough of that daily. But what we don’t seem to see enough of or hear about is what it’s been like on a personal, intimate level. And by that I mean, sharing honestly what it was like for each of us during the unexpected isolation. Well, I’ve been hiding out, checking out, turning inward toward family and self. I wasn’t on social media. And during this time I didn’t feel like making jewelry. It just didn’t call to me. The kitchen did.

Covid cooking is a thing.