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Reflection and Reset

I haven’t written here in a while – but there’s something I thought I’d share:

I’VE NEEDED A REBOOT - a reset if you will.

2020 was definitely an opportunity to do just that. Wow. Huh. And it has been something.

I certainly don’t need to recap for anyone what this past year has been like from a global and national level. We see and hear enough of that daily. But what we don’t seem to see enough of or hear about is what it’s been like on a personal, intimate level. And by that I mean, sharing honestly what it was like for each of us during the unexpected isolation. Well, I’ve been hiding out, checking out, turning inward toward family and self. I wasn’t on social media. And during this time I didn’t feel like making jewelry. It just didn’t call to me. The kitchen did.

Covid cooking is a thing. I loved to cook before lock-down – but lock-down made me a chef! Every night my family gathered around the table and ate together. Long dinners full of deep conversation and laughter. Both girls are in college, and had to come home. We had more family dinners this past year than we had the entire time my girls were in junior high and high school! It was such a blessing. I loved spending time researching new recipes to try out - and I tried new twists and variations to old favorites. It was such a time of exploration and creativity!

Living in central Oregon, we didn’t really have our spike until early fall. So summer around here almost felt normal. I live where the forests, mountains, rivers and lakes are my backyard. We spent so much time together outdoors!! We camped, hiked, kayaked, rode our horses, had bonfires, and floated the river. So many memories were made.

2020 seemed to be a kind of reset for my whole family. And for me personally, the time was so focused, intentional and sweet that it in some miraculous way prepared me for what was coming.

I lost my mom on December 4th. God gave me the unexpected gift of being there when she passed from this life to more life. My dad holding her in his arms and me holding her hand. She’d been fighting MDS (myelodysplastic syndrome) for a couple of years and was getting weaker. But little did I know that that day, our day filled with Christmas decorating and online gift shopping, would be our last.

The Holidays were different this past year, for so many reasons. But they seemed a little sweeter somehow. Simpler. Deeper. Real.

As I’ve been reflecting on 2020, I think it was my year of reset. I needed the time to reconnect – with my husband, my daughters, my family, nature, myself and God. And there were several times over the last 12 months that I’d ask God, “Should I shut it all down (Près Creative)? Am I done? Do you want me to do something different?” And within moments – I’m not kidding here - I would get an online order! So, I took that as a “wait.”

As I entered 2021, I felt I needed to reset Près Creative as well. But I wasn’t sure what that meant. So I began by attending a virtual Jewelry Business Forum to help me get started. My biggest take away from it was that I needed to get to know my customer better by engaging with them AND I needed to let them get to know me! People who shop small, buy from PEOPLE.

So – what does this mean for the Près Creative Customer? Well, it means you’re going to get to know me a little better! And hopefully, I will get to know all of YOU too! I am committed to engaging with all of you more through Instagram, Facebook and directly on the website! I want to share what makes me a creative! I want to share my passions and what inspires me with all of you! So please! Reach out to me on social media!

It also means that I’m focusing more on my craft – I’ll be experimenting with new materials and techniques. I’m a little nervous and super excited about what’s to come in this new year! And I’m grateful to be on the journey with all of you!

So! If you haven't already, please follow me on Instagram and Facebook - I'll be sharing regularly and I hope to get to connect with all of you in new ways in 2021.

Cheers and Blessings...

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