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On to a New Adventure

"You're really going to pull the trigger, huh?" Eric and I must have been asked this 100 times in the last year before our move to Oregon.

"It's time for us to make the change. The pieces all fell into place!" Last December the family agreed, if our oldest got into her first choice art school - in Oregon - we would do it. We would finally move to our home in Bend, Oregon. We'd discussed it a thousand times. Every time we drove away from our little ranch in Tumalo we say, "Let's do it! Let's move here." But the timing was never right for all our of us at the same time. But, when the giant white envelope came in the mail, it opened the door to a whole new adventure!

Well, new adventures are not always the easiest. The move to Oregon was simple - in theory. But then we took a look at our home in Sherman Oaks. We'd lived there 17 years almost - and boy do we have a lot of crap! So the purge began. And sorting through all the "stuff" - the memories attached to the "stuff," was challenging to say the least. But, wow. Letting it go was so liberating.

So after a garage sale and a bittersweet goodbye - we hit the road. The transitions were big ones. Our oldest started college. Big change. Our youngest started her junior year at a new high school. And my husband and I began to settle into our new life in the country. I, set up my jewelry studio in the loft above the great room...and then - nothing. That was a surprise for me. I couldn't bring myself to create. I began to wonder if the change in my location meant a change in my vocation?

The jewelry sales had slowed down A LOT. But that really was because my focus had been else where. Life over the past year was really full. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a double mastectomy. Our first child graduated from high school, and we said goodbye to a life and lifestyle in Los Angeles. So I hadn't been doing anything with Près Creative. And now here I was in beautiful Central Oregon and didn't know what was next. So I decided I needed to just allow myself the time to just "be." And that, is what was I did. I made donuts, I read books, I rode horses, I enjoyed the drive to and from school with my daughter, I cooked and I hiked with my dogs.

It was on one of those hikes that I found my clarity. I was alone with the dogs on a beautiful walk at my new favorite hiking place praying. I like to have out loud conversations with God, talk it through, process. So He and I were going over all the changes that I'd been through and I was praying for the transitions we were all going through and then asked the question, "Am I supposed to keep making jewelry? Should I try something new? Maybe Près Creative has gone it"s course?" I walked on with a great sense of peace that it would all become clear.

And when I got home, I opened my email - and low and behold! Two jewelry orders! I felt that was my answer. The time I'd taken to just be had cleared out all the clutter that had accumulated in my mind and heart over the past 17 years, and now I was ready to be creative again.

And the view from my bench - well, it ain't too shabby.

Change can be scary. But it can be so liberating once you're in it. My dear friend told me, "The cool thing about change, and moving, is that you can shed the old stuff, the things about yourself that you don't like, you can leave them behind. And step into the new. You can re-invent yourself...become the best version of yourself." I can't wait to see what God has in store for me and my family on our new adventure!

Welcome to Près Creative - Tumalo, Oregon location!

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