Below you'll find frequently asked questons regarding sizing, shipping and returns. Please feel free to email me directly if you don't find the information you need below.

QUESTION:  I have tiny wrists - can you make the bracelet in a smaller size?


ANSWER:  Yes!  I can make bracelets longer or shorter if needed - just add that information in the comment area below when you order.  Longer lengths will incur a small $2.00 fee.


Lengths of bracelets and necklaces are provided in the detail section of each item.



Almost all pieces will be made to order - so please allow a little lead time between order and receipt.  I'm making the jewelry you selected especially for you!


All orders will be shipped either USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate at a cost of $10.25 ($7.75 + S&H $2.50) or First Class Mail $7.50 ($5 +S&H $2.50)


Canadian customers will receive their shipments via First Class Mail $12.95 (plus S&H $2.50)


All other International Customers will receive their shipments via International First Class Mail $16.95USD (plus S&H $2.50).


All orders will recieve an email with tracking information.





I am confident that you will LOVE the jewelry you receive - but if you are dissatisfied for any reason, please return it for a full refund.  


Many of the pieces are made with Sterling Silver so some TARNISHING is to be expected over time. Silver cleaning cloths and liquid silver cleaner are recommended.


If your piece breaks (at the clasp for instance) I'd be happy to repair it for you for the cost of shipping..

4: Other info




QUESTION:  You say that "all net profits from the sales of jewelry" will be donated to the Africa Foundation - how much from the cost of each piece is donated?


ANSWER:  Each piece is priced at its retail value based on the cost of similar items.  Once materials needed to make the piece plus the cost of Près Creative's small overhead (website costs, supplies, packaging, etc.) are covered, the net profits will go to Africa Foundation (USA). I am donating the time it takes me to make each piece.