Africa Foundation (United States) and Africa Foundation (United Kingdom) work with Africa Foundation (South Africa), safari lodge operators and adjacent communities to identify, fund and build projects in the following key areas:


Education ・ Healthcare and Clean Water
Income Generating Activities ・ Wildlife and Environment


Africa Foundation succeeds where other non-profit organizations fail because it has long-term relationships with the communities in which it works. Africa Foundation believes that successful projects require that the community be actively involved in the selection and development of the project, in the building of the project and the successful running of the project once Africa Foundation is no longer actively involved.  However innovative, projects are only sustainable if the community takes ownership of them, and this approach is what attracts and secures the support of Africa Foundation’s many loyal donors.


Africa Foundation works hard to ensure that the greatest possible percentage of each contribution goes directly to the communities it supports. Because Africa Foundation builds and maintains strong, long-term relationships with these communities, it can assure its supporters that the money invested in projects is efficiently and effectively spent.


Funding needs are identified by in-depth consultation and agreement with the communities to ensure that Africa Foundation only funds projects that are sustainable by virtue of community buy-in and active involvement on an on-going basis. All Africa Foundation projects are managed on the ground by organizations that have high quality management and donor relationships, accountability, the ability to provide comprehensive feedback and a measurable and favorable impact on the community.

All of Africa Foundation (USA)'s grant-making is done entirely on an invitational basis. We do not consider unsolicited grant proposals.